Research and Development

Exciting developments for health and vision

Imagine buying a product with anti-microbial properties built into it or drug free, pain relief that can be used on an ongoing basis. These and other applications like a micro lens array to improve vision or play 3d games without a headset or glasses. These are just some of the exciting applications being developed at Nanoveu.

Master Batch

Pioneering Antimicrobial Technology

An innovative technology that incorporates antimicrobial agents into products during the manufacturing process, offering long-lasting protection against detrimental pathogens and bacteria. Applicable to plastics and textiles,

Masterbatch is especially beneficial in high-contact settings such as hospitals and schools.Our technology employs a process that integrates a nano copper compound to inhibit the growth of microorganisms like bacteria, fungi, and viruses on plastic surfaces. It is adaptable for use across various industries, such as healthcare, food, consumer products, building materials, personal protective equipment, textiles, educational institutions, public transportation, and fitness centres and sports equipment.

By providing a wealth of diverse applications, Masterbatch products play an essential role in numerous sectors where reducing fomite disease transmission and prolonging material lifespan are crucial. Masterbatch products offer numerous advantages by minimising bacterial and fungal buildup that can cause staining, odour, and material degradation over time, positioning themselves as a revolutionary solution in the fight against harmful pathogens.


The Soothing Series: Precision-Engineered Topical Treatments for Pain Relief and Muscle Relaxation

The Soothing Series offers an array of carefully designed topical treatments that provide pain alleviation and muscle relaxation through a harmonious combination of far-infrared and resonance technologies. Our products feature a unique blend of technologies, with far-infrared technology aiding in the expansion of blood capillaries in targeted areas. The Soothing Tape, a central element of the series, has received TGA registration as a Class 1 Medical Device in Australia (December 2022).

The global pain relief market is witnessing considerable growth, fueled by an aging population, an increase in chronic pain conditions, and a surging demand for efficient and accessible pain management solutions. The Soothing Series is strategically positioned to capitalise on this burgeoning market, offering consumers innovative, non-pharmacological alternatives for addressing their pain and discomfort requirements.


Vision: EyeFyx – Transforming Visual Clarity for Farsightedness

EyeFyx harnesses nano and micro lens array technology to optimise digital images and text, enabling individuals with farsightedness (presbyopia) to clearly view screens without depending on reading glasses.

This technology consists of microlenses created through an exceptionally precise diamond turning process and a sophisticated algorithm that enables real-time image generation. By incorporating users’ prescriptions into the algorithm, clear images can be viewed without glasses. This project is a collaborative effort with Nanyang Technological University of Singapore and is partially supported by the National Research Foundation of Singapore.

Potential applications cover a wide range, including in-car navigation systems, smartphones, tablets, and laptops. EyeFyx offers numerous advantages, such as allowing users to view displays without the need for glasses or costly surgery.

At the heart of Nanoveu’s mission is the belief in improving lives through innovation. We are committed to ensuring that ground-breaking technologies like EyeFyx are accessible to everyone, striving to enhance the quality of life for a substantial portion of the global population.