Anti-microbial protection for high traffic areas

Nanoshield™: Advanced Barrier for Hard Surfaces that is Tested and Trusted

Crafted in Japan, Nanoshield™ protective films deliver consistent passive disinfection, ensuring surfaces are well-guarded against pathogens.

Conceived in 2020, these films have undergone rigorous testing specifically against the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the causative agent of COVID-19. The examinations were carried out by the esteemed Nestlé Institute of Food Safety and Analytical Sciences in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Following triumphant results, Nanoshield™ films have been incorporated across Nestlé’s network, serving as a reliable touch surface defence on professional food dispensers.

With Nanoshield™’s proven protection, businesses and consumers can confidently maintain hygienic environments in a world seeking enhanced safety solutions.

Nanoshield™ Opti-Clear

Nanoshield™ Opti-Clear: Environmentally Conscious Protection for Touch Screens

Introducing Nanoshield™ Opti-Clear, a series of PET films with optically clear silicone adhesive, purposefully designed for touch screen devices. Utilising sustainable copper, PET polymers, and a novel manufacturing process, Opti-Clear offers outstanding visual clarity and ongoing antimicrobial protection for up to one year.

Acknowledging the significance of human interaction with touch screen displays, Opti-Clear films necessitate fewer cleaning products and chemicals, promoting an eco-friendly solution. Engineered for effortless installation, customisable sizing, and compatibility with conventional cleaning agents,

Nanoshield™ Opti-Clear serves as the preferred option for preserving clean and hygienic touch screen experiences in our environmentally mindful world.

Market Opportunities

Various industries where there is a high risk of infection transmission, such as healthcare, hospitality, transportation, and food service industries.

In healthcare, the product can be used to protect medical equipment touch screen interfaces (Nanoshield™ is registered as a Class 1 Medical Device in the UK). In hospitality, self-serve touch screens (Nestle coffee machines for example). In transportation, Inflight entertainment screens (IFE) and ticketing machines. 

Nanoshield™ High-Touch

Nanoshield™ High-Touch: Prominent Protection for Busy Environments

Introducing Nanoshield™ High-Touch, a highly visible film solution crafted for high-touch surfaces in both indoor and outdoor settings. Designed for up to one year of use, this easy-to-install film reduces cleaning frequency and the need for harsh chemicals.

Constructed from a PVC substrate with an acrylic adhesive, High-Touch offers durability and cost-effectiveness. The indoor variant features a monomeric film, while the outdoor version boasts a polymeric film with a UV stabiliser. Nanoshield™ High-Touch surface range delivers a clean, secure and reliable solution for high traffic, bustling environments.

Market Opportunities

Almost any high touch point both indoors or outdoors. Surfaces often touched frequently by multiple people, are ideal for the transmission of infectious agents such as bacteria and viruses thus ideal for Nanoshield™ High-Touch.

Applications include;      

  • Door handles and knobs,
  • light switches, taps and sinks,
  • gym equipment,
  • shopping trolleys and baskets.

Aircraft Laminates

Aerospace Innovations: Fire-Resistant Laminates for Enhanced Safety

Nanoveu and A*STAR’s Institute of Material Science have joined forces to create an advanced anti-flammable laminate designed specifically for the aviation sector.

By utilising Nanoveu’s expertise in nano imprint lithography, this cutting-edge product meets all required safety standards for use in aircraft interiors, such as cabin walls, overhead compartments, and seat components.

Jamco USA, a renowned testing facility, accredited by both the FAA and EASA certification programs, conducted extensive testing to confirm the laminate’s performance and adherence to industry regulations, solidifying its potential as a vital solution for enhancing aircraft safety.

Market Opportunities

The aviation industry requires materials that meet the highest safety standards, and the use of fire retardant materials is critical to ensure passenger safety.

The Nanoveu and A*STAR’s Institute of Material Science’s anti-flammable laminate product is specifically designed to meet the rigorous safety requirements of the aviation industry, including the FAA and EASA certification programs. The product’s successful passing of all required safety testing parameters conducted by Jamco USA, an accredited testing facility, is a significant milestone that further validates the product’s potential in the aviation sector.

Market opportunities for our anti-flammable laminate product are significant, as the aviation industry continues to prioritise safety and security. The product’s ability to meet the highest safety standards, combined with its unique features and potential cost savings, are expected to drive demand in the aviation sector, making it a promising opportunity for the company.

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