Nanoveu: Catalysing Change with Groundbreaking Technology Solutions

We are a forward-thinking technology innovation company committed to developing state-of-the-art solutions that positively transform people’s lives.

At Nanoveu we offer a diverse product portfolio addressing various challenges; these include

  • mitigating the transmission of contagious diseases on high-touch surfaces,
  • enhancing solar panel efficiency,
  • promoting wellness and
  • revolutionising immersive vision-based entertainment experiences.

Guided by a mission to make a lasting, positive impact on future generations worldwide, Nanoveu strives to provide access to innovative and sustainable products that can be trusted.

As a catalyst for change, the company aims to redefine the economics of its categories and ensure accessibility for all. By delivering cutting-edge, effective products, Nanoveu is dedicated to enhancing lives across the globe.

Our 2023 Strategy

  • Nanoveu developed its core antiviral products during the pandemic. It quickly established itself as a leader in this field, securing world renowed brands such as Nestle. Its technology has been time tested, trialled and installed worldwide.  
  • As the pandemic now takes a second stage, we believe that this very foundation is the backbone of our new products such as in Marine, Solar and the Wellness series. More importantly, the suite of core nanotechnology prepares us for the next pandemic as we stay ever vigilant with our arsenal of Antiviral solutions.

  • Nanoveu has enduring partnerships with Deep Technology Science from the various research institutions in Singapore.
  • It is because of this that it will always stay relevant and provide real world solutions based on Material Science from A*STAR (Singapore’s largest research institute) and various Institutes of higher learning.

  • Our near term goal is to generate exponential revenue.
  • Having released our solutions in the Solar, Marine, and Wellness series, our 2023 and 2024 strategy is to build a worldwide network of established sales channels to secure sizeable revenue.

Our Background

Nanoveu – Innovative Solutions for a Sustainable Future

Nanoveu, established in 2012, is a technology company dedicated to creating innovative and sustainable solutions that enhance people’s lives across the globe.

Situated in Singapore’s One North innovation hub, we collaborate with renowned research institutes, harnessing their resources and expertise to develop cutting-edge products.

Our first project, involving a nano-imprinted lithography-based micro lens array, demonstrated our ability to create unique technology with diverse applications. Since then, we have expanded our product offerings, delivering practical solutions for a variety of industries.

At Nanoveu, our commitment to developing scientifically grounded and environmentally responsible products sets us apart. We prioritise sustainability and accessibility, aiming to create solutions that benefit both society and the environment. With a transparent approach and steadfast dedication to research, Nanoveu continues to break new ground, making a meaningful impact in the world of technology and beyond.