Antimicrobial and power efficiency applications

Comprehensive Protection for Various Surface Types

Our Nanoshield™ antimicrobial and self-cleaning coatings showcase the ingenuity of Nanoveu by utilising sustainable, natural active ingredients. Specially designed to accommodate larger and uneven surfaces, these coatings offer an economical yet highly effective safeguard for surfaces, demonstrating our commitment to providing versatile and innovative solutions.

Master Batch

An innovative technology that incorporates antimicrobial agents into products during the manufacturing process, offering long-lasting protection against detrimental pathogens and bacteria. Applicable to plastics and textiles,

Masterbatch is especially beneficial in high-contact settings such as hospitals and schools.Our technology employs a process that integrates a nano copper compound to inhibit the growth of microorganisms like bacteria, fungi, and viruses on plastic surfaces. It is adaptable for use across various industries, such as healthcare, food, consumer products, building materials, personal protective equipment, textiles, educational institutions, public transportation, and fitness centres and sports equipment.

By providing a wealth of diverse applications, Masterbatch products play an essential role in numerous sectors where reducing fomite disease transmission and prolonging material lifespan are crucial. Masterbatch products offer numerous advantages by minimising bacterial and fungal buildup that can cause staining, odour, and material degradation over time, positioning themselves as a revolutionary solution in the fight against harmful pathogens.

Nanoshield™ 90/180

Nanoveu’s Nanoshield™ 90/180, designed and tested to deliver superior protection against viruses and bacteria on surfaces for up to 90 or 180 days. Demonstrating remarkable effectiveness against tough non-enveloped viruses like norovirus, our solution surpasses conventional alcohol-based alternatives.

Nanoshield™ 90/180 surpasses conventional alcohol-based alternatives.

Market Opportunities

The market for Nanoshield™ 90/180 includes hospitals, schools, hotels, public transportation, and other public spaces where there is a high risk of infection transmission. Additionally, it appeals to businesses and individuals who want to maintain a clean and hygienic environment in their homes or workplaces.

The global antimicrobial coatings market was valued at around USD 3.3 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of around 12.7% between 2021 and 2028. The healthcare industry is the largest end-user segment for antimicrobial coatings due to the high risk of infections and the need for infection control measures in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities. The food and beverage industry is another significant end-user segment, as antimicrobial coatings can help prevent contamination and extend the shelf life of food products.

The Asia-Pacific region is expected to be the fastest-growing market for antimicrobial coatings due to the increasing demand for hygiene and infection control measures in countries such as China and India.

Nanoshield™ 365 day protection

A clearly visible spray-on ‘liquid film’ engineered to defend surfaces for an entire year. Utilising the potency of copper nanoparticles, this cutting-edge solution effectively neutralises viruses and bacteria. The distinctive visibility of Nanoshield™ 365 offers added assurance, instilling confidence in users that surfaces are safe to touch, promoting a sanitary environment.

Market Opportunities

Visible protection that also has an eco-conscious appeal.

Nanoshield™365’s highly visible spray-on ‘liquid film’ caters to the preferences of both consumers and businesses seeking a user-friendly, effortlessly applied surface protection solution. The product’s market potential is amplified by the rising demand for sustainable and environmentally responsible options.

Copper, a natural and recyclable material, plays a significant role in Nanoshield™365’s formulation. This choice of material presents a greener alternative to other chemicals and substances commonly used in surface protection solutions, further enhancing the appeal of Nanoshield™365 in today’s environmentally conscious market.

Nanoshield™ Solar Coatings

Nanoshield Solar coatings offer several benefits, including prevention of dust accumulation, improved efficiency, longer lifespan, easy cleaning, water conservation, resistance to chemical reactions, and enhanced aesthetics.​